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33 Republican lawmakers call on Louisiana Governor to lift mask mandate and capacity restrictions



LOUISIANA – Texas and Mississippi are lifting their mask mandates and allowing businesses to return to full capacity. Now, 33 Louisiana Republican lawmakers want Governor John Bel Edwards to do the same.

In a letter to the Governor, they cite increased access to vaccines and falling hospitalization rates. They also say businesses would continue to enforce other safety precautions.

While some in the state are ready to say goodbye to masks, others say it’s too soon.

“Stuff is going to happen either way, so, I think you should slowly move forward without the masks,” said Robert Miller of Jefferson.

“I think that it is a really simple thing to do, to just put your mask on. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it. It could save people’s lives. I think people who kind of vote against it, I think they haven’t lost anybody to Covid, so, they don’t really understand how simple it is and what the impact could be,” said Sky Rivera of New Orleans.

Both the Governor and CDC have expressed concerns about re-opening too soon due to new variants of the virus and local and national trends showing a plateau in cases.