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Arkansas man threatened to “blow up” Surge Entertainment, West Monroe police say



WEST MONROE, La.  – Authorities have arrested an Arkansas man after he was accused of threatening to “blow up” an entertainment center in West Monroe.

According to the West Monroe Police Department, on March 6, 2021, they were called to Surge Entertainment Center in regard to a disturbance.

According to the police report, the suspect, 36-year-old Jeremy Wade Gifford of Wilmur, Arkansas, who appeared to be impaired at the time, was flirting with staff and made several inappropriate comments about the female workers before he grabbed and hugged one of them. They say Gifford was told that those actions made the staff member feel uncomfortable.

WMPD says when his demeanor changed due to him not getting any flirting or positive attention in return from the workers, he threatened to “blow up” the building and also made threats to the staff that he would burn down the building with everyone in it.

Authorities say the man then told the staff that he had a knife on him. They say he pulled out the knife and pointed it at one of the employees. According to court records, a person with Gifford told him to put the knife away, which he did.

Gifford was charged with terrorism, aggravated assault, and simple battery.