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‘At home with The Robertsons’



WEST MONROE, La. – In a transparent and light-hearted way, Korie and Willie Robertson discuss important topics in their new show, At Home with The Robertsons.

Topics range from racism to the COVID-19 vaccine and their hope is to help bridge the cultural divide currently happening in our nation.

“We had seen a lot of, I guess arguing and people yelling at each other online and it just seemed like that there was so much of that in our country,” said Willie Robertson.

The Robertsons invite a wide range of guests into their home to share their honest perspectives on various topics.

“…when you have someone in your home and you’re sitting around your couches, or your dinner table, it seems like you can have a better conversation,” said Willie Robertson.

Willie and Korie dive into controversial topics with other family members, including their six children and appearances from other family members like Uncle Si.

“So there definitely are going to be some hard topics, we’re gonna talk about things like violence and video games, things like kneeling for the flag, which is a big hot topic,” said Korie Robertson.

The Robertsons said they hope the show will teach other parents to have these conversations with their families at home too.

“That really is a big part of the hope for the show is that to be able to like listen and hear other people’s viewpoints without like, you know, freaking out or blasting or saying, like, I’m against you, I can’t even talk to you or sit at a table with you,” said Korie Robertson.

The Robertson’s said if you are not open to hearing other people’s opinions, you’re contributing to the cultural divide.

“What I found is that people say we need to have conversations, but sometimes people do until they don’t like the other side of the conversation and then they don’t want to have the conversation. So a conversation, especially about things you may disagree with has to include both sides,” said Willie Robertson.

Korie said it’s important to have these conversations in a healthy way, in real life and on social media.

“I did think it was important to do a show, even on a platform like this to say like, ‘hey, we actually can talk about things and have this agreement and still be friends’, you know, on social media be friends and be friends in real life,” said Korie Robertson.

These talks are personal to many people, including the Robertson family, and pertain to issues that they’re passionate about, like racism.

“Race in America, race in the world, you know, and racism in the world, it’s something that we feel really passionately about making sure that we end that,” said Korie Robertson.

On the first episode of At Home with The Robertsons, Willie, Korie, and their biracial son talk about racism with two people from the show Love and Hip Hop.

“…it should be personal to everybody. It’s especially personal for us, because we have a son that’s biracial. And so it was really, really great and important for us to have that conversation,” said Korie Robertson.

Willie and Korie Robertson said if we can start by having these important conversations in our homes in a loving way, it will spread to the rest of the community.

“We’re just grateful that we can lend our voices and try to help, you know, both sides come together and figure out the best ways that we can be safe and we can be happy. And you know, when it boils down to it, people are people and most of us have the same basic needs and desires that we want to have. And so we love our community, so we want to help our community as well, but that spreads and it spreads all across America,” said Willie Robertson.

“I think other people already have the same concerns, same worries, same fears, same struggles that you’re having but if you don’t open up and kind of like speak that you never know that or never hear that,” said Korie Robertson.

After honest conversations, the Robertsons show their special guests some good old Louisiana fun, like duck-calling and craw fishing.

New episodes of At Home with The Robertsons air every Monday and Thursday at 11 a.m. on Facebook Watch.