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BBB warns of scammers impersonating Netflix representatives



MONROE, La. – The Better Business Bureau has a warning for Netflix customers. Jo-Ann Deal with the BBB of Northeast Louisiana says consumers are reporting messages from Netflix that ask for your password, username, or payment method.

“Do not click on links in suspicious emails, text messages, instant messages, any form of communication,” says Deal. “Scammers can’t get information if you don’t give it to them, so do not share.”

Deal says Netflix won’t contact you that way and they won’t ask you to pay through a third-party vendor or website.

“Contact your financial institution if you’ve entered any payment information that could be compromised we did have a local individual lose $10,000 at Thanksgiving on this type of scam.”

If you do click a link, make sure you change your passwords.

“If you make a mistake and inadvertently click on a link change your password whether it be Netflix, Apple, Microsoft, or other, update your password on any websites where you have used it,” explains Deal. “If you compromise a password and you have used it before for other purchases or other sites please make sure you correct it everywhere and change it everywhere.”

If you do get a message from Netflix that sounds like a scam, the company wants to know. Email them at [email protected]. You can find more details on their website.

If you have any questions you can call the BBB at (318) 387-4600 or (318) 797-1330. Their office is still working from home, so calls will be sent to voicemail and then returned. Make sure your phone number is not anonymous.