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Cadeville Water District receives $1.9 million loan



EROS, La. – Improvements are on the way for Cadeville Water District. It got a $1.9 million loan from the Louisiana Department of Health’s Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund.

The loan is to help improve the quality of drinking water for the area water customers. The money will be used to build a new water treatment system, storage tank and booster station. It will be built along Highway 546 in Eros. A new well was installed there last year.

“What it will do is it will enable us to finish this well site. We are going to connect to an existing well site that is really close to it, and we’re going to install two charcoal filtration systems to purify the water. We’re also going to install a larger than normal ground storage tank which will be sufficient for both wells,” Cadeville Water District President Barry Turner said.

It can be paid over 30 years at a low-interest rate. Turner says it’ll help address future population growth.