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Community members concerned for their safety



MONROE, La. – The Monroe Police Department said more officers are patrolling the streets of the city. But some people said they are still living in fear. Worried community members crowded around South Grand St. yesterday as police responded to a crisis intervention call. No one was injured.

They said there’s too much commotion going on in the community and they need more police patrolling the streets.

Some people in the neighborhood said you can barely walk down the street at night time and it’s not how it used to once be.

“There’s too much going on. Too much. They need to straighten up. This world is coming closer and closer to the end everyday. Ain’t no telling who gon’ get killed next. If you don’t know god it’s time to get to know him, get on your knees and pray because there’s so much happening now.”

“What they need to do is get more officers patrolling this area over here and this neighborhood would be safer, I have been standing over ever since I was in second grade and it’s not like it used to be. Back in the day we could leave our doors unlocked,  we didn’t have to barricade them. Now, somebody run up in your house come through your window and stuff it makes no sense.”

Monroe Police Chief Victor Zordan said the department has at least 10 patrol officers per shift. Currently the department has 126 patrolling officers and 9 open positions.

The police department said they are responding to shooting calls faster since launching shot spotter, which alerts them to the location of a shots fired call.