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Coping with fatigue after multiple disasters in Louisiana



BATON ROUGE, La. – April is National Stress Awareness Month and the residents of the state of Louisiana have experienced their fair share of stress in the past year –many Louisianans are struggling to recover from the successive blows of hurricanes Laura, Delta, Zeta and the severe winter storms on top of the nearly yearlong stress and worries of a pandemic. The same is true throughout the nation where hurricanes, wildfires and other disasters came one after another while Covid-19 fears spread.

It is normal for any disaster response to increase stress and fatigue. One of the symptoms is finding it hard to make decisions when so many decisions must be made about your recovery.

Survivors of hurricanes Laura, Delta and Zeta and the Feb. winter storms who are already registered with FEMA may find that the process of recovery sometimes feels like an impossible task.