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Covid-19 and the Salvation Army: How the non-profit faired in a year full of set backs



MONROE, La.— The Salvation Army knew there was a great need for their services this past year due to Covid-19.

Their Red Kettle Bell Ringing initiative started a week early in November with more than 25 locations.

We spoke with the non-profit about the outcome of their campaign and what this year will look like.

You may have contributed a few dollars or a few cents, but Covid-19 has found a way to impact ever angle of 2020, even the red kettle campaign.

Captain Jerry Casey, of the Salvation Army, says, “We did fall about $41,000 short of last year’s goal. So, we still have some work to do as far as raising money for the Salvation Army, but we did do a healthy amount and it will keep us going through the next few months. And I’m very pleased with it and very very pleased with the community for their support.”

Though the goal wasn’t met, that won’t stop the Salvation Army from doing what they do best, helping those most at need; from having beds available to community feedings that happen every day.

“We’re going to continue with out programs, we’re going to continue with our programs, we’re going to continue with everything we’ve been doing in prior years. Covid-19 is a little stumbling block, but it’s not going to stop us from what we need to do to serve our community,” says Captain Casey.

The Angel Tree is another Holiday Campaign from the Salvation Army, that gives Christmas gifts to kids right here in our own backyard.

The Salvation Army says, for the year 2020, the Angel Tree program was a success.

Captain Casey says, “We provided over 400 angels, that four hundred children in our community that were provided with a Christmas and a glorious Christmas at that. Our businesses stepped up, our community stepped up and our community filled over 70 percent of those Angels.

So, what will 2021 look like for our community and the Salvation Army?

They say their warehouse was completed and two new ministries will come out of it.

“Which allows us now to proceed forward with our transitional housing program, that we want to implement our fresh and clean program. The Fresh and Clean program is where we help wash and fold the clothes for the homeless because they don’t have access,” says Captain Casey.

The Salvation Army has two shelters, one for men and another for women and children.

Officials say they haven’t had one positive case of Covid-19 and they will continue to try and keep it that way through the new year.