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COVID-19 Mass Vaccination in Monroe on March 15



MONROE, La. – The Louisiana Department of Health will hold mass vaccination events across the state using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Vaccinations will be given Monday, March 16 at the Monroe Civic Center from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with 750 doese available. The full list of statewide vaccination sites is available here. Additional dates will be announced as more vaccine becomes available.

The first shipment of Johnson & Johnson vaccine arrived in Louisiana this week and has been allocated to all nine public health regions according to population size.

“While COVID vaccine supply remains limited, we are excited to have enough vaccine to be able to begin holding mass vaccination events this week across the state and give residents another way to access the vaccine,” said Dr. Courtney Phillips, secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health.

“These events, while important, are just one piece of the larger puzzle that is our vaccine rollout. To ensure everyone has access to the vaccines, including our underserved communities, we know we need a mix of options — hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and targeted community events.”

Office of Public Health Regional Medical Directors worked with community partners and the Louisiana National Guard to organize events — a mix of mass vaccination events, large-scale community events, and targeted clinics for teachers who are now eligible.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was authorized for emergency use by the FDA on February 27. It is given in one dose. The vaccine can last up to three months in the refrigerator, compared to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that must be stored at very cold temperatures.

“Most importantly, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine does exactly what we want a vaccine against this terrible virus to do – it is 100% effective at preventing you from being hospitalized or dying,” said Dr. Joseph Kanter, state health officer. “Like the other two COVID vaccines, this is a highly effective, safe vaccine and residents should get the first vaccine offered to them.”