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COVID-19 Vaccine could hinder Lifeshare blood centers from collecting plasma



MONROE, La.– While the covid-19 vaccine may offer hope to communities across the country, it could cause a problem for Lifeshare blood Centers collecting plasma needed to treat severe covid-19 patients.

“So once you receive one of the FDA approved vaccines, you are no longer eligible to donate convalescent plasm,” said Brandon Baker, Regional Director for Lifeshare of Monroe.

Survivors of covid-19 can donate their plasma and help save a critical life who is suffering from the virus. Now, with many already receiving the covid-19 vaccine their could be a shortage of plasma, with survivors not being able to donate.

Currently, there is a huge unknown in the innovatory. We may have a shortage of convalescent plasma innovatory, just with the vaccination being rolled out and more people receiving it,” said Baker.

In a study back in June, more than 20,000 covid-19 patients in the US were treated with the plasma and since then the number continues to rise. Lifeshare officials say in order to provide for those who need this plasma, covid-19 survivors need to donate as much as they can before getting the vaccine.

“It was just kind of like wow. It is crazy how you see something small like this can have just a big effect on someone else by doing little things to help someone,” said Tyler Lavergne, donated plasma to grandfather.

Back in September, we talked with Tyler after he donated his plasma to his grandfather who was on a ventilator for 103 days due to the virus. They say the results were lifesaving.

“I said “yeah, I heard someone gave me plasma” and he [tyler] said “that somebody was me.” I did exactly what I’m doing now [crying]. Like I told him, it saved my life,” said Denny Lee, Tyler’s Grandfather.

“Every single person that donates blood or plasma, for the person that receives it, is a hero because you are able to impact someone’s life, the life of their children, and family,” said Baker.