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Family moves into 50th Habitat for Humanity home after delay due to damage from Hurricane Laura



MONROE, La.— It’s move-in day! A family who was waiting four extra months to get the keys to their house finally gets to walk through the door. Their house is the 50th Habitat for Humanity home in Ouachita Parish and was supposed to be completed back in August until Hurricane Laura had other plans.

The storm rolled through just a few days before the family was going to move in, but when a large red oak tree caused damage to the front of the house, move-in day was pushed back to a goal of thanksgiving; though that date ended up getting pushed back again, to today.

Now four months later, the family is getting the keys to their brand new home.

“I got overwhelmed, I was super emotional. Maybe this house wasn’t for me, but we don’t know what God has in store for us so it’s always good to trust his timing,” said Keya Simmons, Homeowner.

What was once an idea on paper earlier this year, is now a home. “It’s such a joy, It’s just a big joy!. They have their own rooms, it’s their colors. we have more yard and space and all that good stuff,” said Simmons.

The Simmons family has been waiting for this moment for months and says seeing the house completely finished is the perfect Christmas gift.

“We have a place that we can call our home and we’re super excited about that,” said Simmons.

Though the house isn’t the only Christmas gift the Simmons family is getting, volunteers donated new presents to the family and it’s safe to say, the kids are overjoyed.

“I got a racecar!!!! Whoa!” said Simmons’ son.

When we asked Simmons the one thing she learned over the past year as the house was being built, she said, “Trust in the Lord, trust in the Lord always. Lean not onto our own understanding and just have faith and be patient.”

Habitat for Humanity says they’re thankful for this 50th build after a big setback this year and they’re hopeful for the next 50 to come, in the future.

The Simmons family says they’re also thankful for those volunteers who helped build the house and partnered with habitat for humanity to provide their new home.