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Fast draw shooters compete in Shreveport



LOUISIANA — Don’t blink. Or you’ll miss some of the action at the fourth annual Louisiana State Championship of Cowboy Fast Draw.

Members of the the Cowboy Fast Draw Association from across the country  rounded up some of the ol’ west and brought it to Shreveport. It’s going on for the first time in this city at the Louisiana State Fairgrounds agriculture building.

The shooters, dressed in western garb, are quick as a flash. They fire wax bullets from revolvers at a target 15 feet away. They’re judged on time and accuracy.

“Practice. Practice, practice practice,” James Dezendorf says of the shooters’ skill. The Pineville man is the Match Director.

“Most of these guys have been shooting for several years and many of them shoot 50 and 60 rounds a day just to keep their skill levels up,” he says.

The public is invited to watch the competition Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission is free.