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Gavin Newsom compares unvaccinated Americans to drunk drivers



On Monday, California Governor Gavin Newsom put a target squarely on the back of unvaccinated Americans by comparing them to drunk drivers. It’s clear that Newsom and his Democrat colleagues want to make life as hard as possible for the unvaccinated, and this harsh rhetoric is winning over their most radical supporters.

The comparison to drunk drivers is an extreme one, mainly because drunk drivers are some of the most wreckless people on the planet. Unvaccinated Americans, on the other hand, are proceeding with extreme caution because of the horror stories that have come about from people who have been severely injured by the jab.

“Let’s talk about masks,” began a far-let CNN anchor on Monday afternoon.

“LA County brought back their mask mandate regardless of vaccination status. I want to put up the growth in cases. I’ve got the six weeks before the indoor mask man date for vaccinated people ended on June 15th. You see the six weeks or so since and there’s this growth in cases. Is it time, governor, to bring back a universal mask mandate regardless of vaccination status there in California?”

Newsom responded with divisive rhetoric that puts a target squarely on the back of unvaccinated Americans.

“We don’t even have do have that debate if we can just get everybody vaccinated. It’s like drunk drivers. You don’t have to right to go out and drink and driver and put everybody at risk, including your own life at risk.California has one of the highest vaccination rates in America and we’re still seeing an increase because so many people, 25% in California, are refusing to get vaccinated,” Newsom said.

“We’re trying to focus on ending this pandemic once and for all,” he continued. “Those non-pharmaceutical interventions were necessary in the absence of vaccines but with these vaccines, we can extinguish this virus once and for all and get it behind us and not worry about getting our kids safely back in instruction and keeping our businesses open,” he concluded.

Newsom’s claim that the vaccine “extinguishes” the chinese coronavirus is actually a bunch of fake news. There are thousands of instances every week where FULLY VACCINATED people are still getting covid.