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Heartworm-positive dogs arrive in New Jersey from Louisiana to be adopted



MONROE, La. – Two flights from Louisiana have just dropped off a batch of adoptable dogs – the inaugural flights of the Save A Heart Program.
The group’s goal is to transport 2,000 at-risk pets from Louisiana and find them loving homes on the East Coast.
The 1,000 dogs all have heartworm and would be at greater risk of being euthanized in the South. All of the dogs are now at Saint Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison.
“These are actually adoptable shelter pets that are inside of animal shelters, who tend to be looked over by other organizations again because of the cost of caring for their heartworm disease,” says vice president of pets programs Denise Bash.
All of the dogs received prior treatments and will continue to be treated in New Jersey. They will stay in the shelter’s care until the heartworm is treated.