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Help offered for NELA’s homebound residents to get vaccinated



MONROE, La. – The COVID-19 vaccine is available to people 16 and up in Louisiana, but those who are homebound are having difficulty getting to locations to receive the shots.

Officials say protecting the most vulnerable people to COVID-19 is the top priority for health professionals across the state.

“We really want to get everyone vaccinated,” Jeff Toms, the Regional Admin for the Northeast Louisiana Public Health Department said.

The Parish Health Unit nurses will now administer the COVID-19 vaccine to people who are homebound. The Louisiana Public Health Department launched this initiative two weeks ago.

“Anyone interested that is homebound and wants to receive a vaccine, you can call the vaccine hotline, which is 855-453-0774. They will speak to a local department of health representative. Then they will register them into the system, and they will send the information to our Regional office,” Toms said.

In Region 8, people who signed up will receive a call to set up an appointment every Tuesday. Meanwhile, Aron’s Pharmacy is teaming up with meals on wheels to help administer shots to homebound individuals.

“I know that Meals on Wheels has called us and we’re trying to work out something with them to get to those people that can’t get out a shot, but again, there’s a lot of difficulties in actually going into someone’s home to administer a vaccine,” Jason Bennett, a Pharmacist said.

“You’ve got to have certain temperatures for the vaccine, and going from one home to another, you may be going from one side of town or in the Parish to another side,” Lynda McGehee, the Executive Director for Ouachita Council on Aging said.

The partnership is expected to connect dozens of people with the life-saving vaccine. If you are homebound and need assistance call 855-453-0774 or 211.