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“I am cautiously optimistic”; Local musicians talk about Phase 3 allowing indoor music



MONROE, La.— 365 days. That’s how long local musicians in our area have been without a consistent schedule playing music at restaurants and bars. But with the announcement of Phase 3, there are changes coming to the months of emptiness they’ve had to endure.

“I lost a week’s worth of work almost a year ago to the day. Everything disappeared in the blink of an eye,” said Kirby Rambin, Local Musician.

“You know no gigs or little to no gigs. Having to travel much farther than usual to play…uh….it’s been a tough thing,” said Josh Love, Local Musician.

Josh Love and Kirby Rambin say the Phase 3 announcement does give a little bit of hope after nearly a year of uncertainty.

“I like to think that things are on the up and up. I like to think that we can move forward and only forward,” said Love.

“I am cautiously optimistic. I’m not getting my hopes up…we’ve been to Phase 3 before and had to walk it back,” said Rambin.

Now nearly a year later, things are finally looking up to play that tune once again.

“From the business aspect, I’m excited to actually you know resume making money haha. And I’m excited to see the arts be able to do what they do best and that’s touch people in a really soulful way,” said Love.

Both Kirby and Josh say the past year has taught them a lot about being a musician and they look forward to using what they learned to help their careers in the future.