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Increase in Opioid Use In Louisiana



LOUISIANA – The Louisiana Attorney General Joined Iberia parish sheriff to announce a new partnership in hopes to stop the increasing number of opioid use in Louisiana.

In a fight to end the state opioid epidemic, these drop off boxes are located in about 50 parishes in hopes to take drugs out of the hands of people who misuse them.

Experts say it’s a long fight ahead decreasing the number of opioid users and overdoses in Louisiana.

“It’s no secret that we have an opioid epidemic sweeping across our state” Jeff Landry said.

Louisiana Attorney Jeff Landry in Iberia parish this morning. He says his office has seen a 53% increase in overdose deaths since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic ..

“From July 2019 to July 2020 , according to data from the CDC more than 1700 Louisianians died from overdose use “ Jeff Landry said.

With a new campaign underway to help those battling addiction, Landry’s office is also making sure drug take back drop boxes are placed in parishes throughout acadiana.

“These boxes create a safe and secure spot for people to bring their medications rather than having them remain in their homes” Jeff Landry said.

The New Iberia sheriff’s office is also stepping up training for deputies. In an effort to get these drugs off the streets.

“70 of my deputies currently have the training necessary to administer the lock zone to those people who may be suffering from overdose and those who are in need of them” Sheriff Tommy Romero said.

The journey to overcome the increased drug use won’t be easy but Landry is keeping the fight

“The goal is to keep people from going to jail. It’s not so much of how many people are in jail or if we have too many people in jail , it’s rather whether or not we are able to keep from going to jail.“ Jeff Landry said.