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Julia Letlow earns one of two vacant U.S. House seats



MONROE, La. – Congresswoman-elect Julia Letlow will be filling one of two vacant U.S. House seats in Washington D.C.

Letlow successfully won a congressional seat for the 5th District in Louisiana.

“I’m ready to go,” Letlow said. “I’ve never felt more prepared and eager to serve. I want to be that strong advocate and voice for the 5th District in Washington.”

Letlow is the first Republican woman elected to Congress from the state and the only woman in its current congressional delegation.

“I plan on using my background in communication to work with people to make sure that I deliver results for the 5th District. Luke ran on that, and I believe wholeheartedly that people are looking for results,” Letlow said.

Letlow says she has an interest in building relationships in Washington D.C.

“My background is in higher education. I believe passionately that education is the answer to poverty. We live in one of the highest poverty-stricken districts in the nation. I believe when you can educate a child you give them a future, and so I want to be a champion for education.”