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LA Tech raises 171 million dollars through alumni donations



MONROE, La. -Louisiana Tech is breaking fundraising records.

The school raised more than 171-million dollars through alumni donations in just two-years. The school’s alumni donated to the university through the forever loyal campaign, making this huge sum possible.

LA Tech’s campaign “Forever Loyal” is considered the boldest fundraising initiative in the institution’s history.

The Forever Loyal Campaign launched on November 10, 2018. The campaign was launched with a goal of $125 million in honor of the university’s 125th anniversary. One year later, the university managed to reach its goal.

Tonya Smith, the Executive Director of University Communications and Marketing, says it was a surprise. “Alumni and friends, our donors surprised us… surprised us with their generosity, and we incredibly thankful for them meeting and exceeding our goal.”

But it didn’t stop there.

“Our goal was reached within a year of the announcement we announced in November 2018 and announced the goal of 125 million dollars, and then we reached the goal the next year, but we kept going and we reached 171 million,” Smith added.

The Forever Loyal campaign was designed to help Louisiana Tech face challenges and discover potential. Smith says they are lucky to have so many generous alumni.

“We had more than 23,500 individual donors giving over 100,000 different gifts, and that means that some donors gave more than once and that some gave more than twice.”

Students add that it means everything to them that alumni are giving back to the university.

“First of all, it’s just encouraging as a student to know that people are supporting my education and my journey in life,” said Amanda Dardis, a freshman at La Tech.

The donations from alumni go towards different areas and facilities on campus. Students say it feels good to have their needs met and know that the money will go towards making their life on campus easier.

“Already they are working on the green space and parking spots, and as a student, those are very valuable to me, and I appreciate that they are considering like putting much value into students wants for the campus. so yeah, I’m just excited about that.”

The money raised from the campaign will go towards student scholarships, research funding, and countless other areas and facilities on campus.