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Louisiana GOP Lawmaker Says Schools Should Teach the ‘Good’ of Slavery



MONROE, La. – A Louisiana lawmaker is catching heat after saying schools should be required to teach the “good” aspects of U.S. slavery.

According to Forbes, GOP Rep. Ray Garofalo made the comments Tuesday while defending House Bill No. 564—a proposed measure that would prohibit K-12 schools and colleges from teaching “divisive concepts,” such as critical race theory. Garofalo, who is the chairman of Louisiana’s House Education Committee, explained his stance during a five-hour committee hearing, in which he claimed there were “certain factions in this country that are trying to infiltrate and indoctrinate our students.”

“If you’re teaching, having a discussion on whatever the case may be on slavery, then you can talk about everything dealing with slavery—the good, the bad, the ugly,” he said.

Fellow Republican Rep. Stephanie Hilferty fired back: “There’s no good to slavery, though.”