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Louisiana unveils civil rights markers honoring the courage of activists and the places they organized and boycotted for change



LOUISIANA – “Courage over oppression” is the message the Louisiana Office of Tourism is pressing into with the installation of historical markers memorializing significant locations that were crucial to the Civil Rights Movement around the state.

Similar to the US project of the same name, the Louisiana Civil Rights Trail already has the first three markers in place.
The project began when Louisiana Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser discovered his state did not have a Civil Rights Trail.
From there, Glenda McKinley told CNN she and her team at GMc+Co Strategic Communications were approached to set the project in motion, and they started by talking to different communities around the state through outreach meetings.

“Some of (the stories) were oral history, some of them were people actually involved in the movement, and it became very clear that we didn’t need to tell the story — the voices who were still here could tell the story.”
“We traveled about 3,000 miles and held about 22 meetings around the state, and really got to hear firsthand from the people in the community,” McKinley said.