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LSP Trooper resigns after allegedly beating man with excessive force, sources confirm



MONROE, La. – According to Louisiana State Police, Trooper Jacob Brown has resigned after reports of the trooper beating a man during an arrest in 2019.

Officials have confirmed the trooper’s resignation was effective close of business March 10.

Attorneys representing Aaron Bowman, a man who a Louisiana State Police (LSP) Trooper allegedly used excessive force on during his May 2019 arrest in Monroe, La., held a news conference on the steps of the Louisiana State Capitol Monday, Dec. 14.

Attorney Ron Haley and other members of the legal team representing Bowman commended LSP Superintendent Col. Lamar Davis for charging the Trooper who allegedly beat him. However, Bowman’s legal team said they were disappointed the arrest didn’t come until 19 months after the incident and once a civil lawsuit was filed against the agency.

For the first time, Aaron Bowman spoken in his own words, detailing the alleged attack in Monroe following a traffic stop.

“Every time I got ready to speak, he would hit me with the flashlight,” said Bowman.

Through tears, Bowman cried out for justice at the steps of the state capital saying what happened to him that night changed him.

“It tears me down when I talk about it,” he said. “It’s like I’m reliving that moment again, you know, and I still have sharp pains in my head from that.”

The attorneys called for the immediate release of the body camera footage from the incident, as well as, for the other officers involved in the incident to be held accountable. Bowman’s legal team alleges the incidents involving their client, Ronald Greene, and several other black men indicate there is a pattern of “brutality” within LSP’s Troop F, which has jurisdiction in the Monroe area.

LSP announced on Dec. 10 Trooper Jacob Brown, 30, had been arrested and charged with aggravated second-degree battery and malfeasance in office.

The arrest came after Bowman’s attorneys filed a civil lawsuit against LSP for excessive use of force.

An LSP spokesman said the agency began investigating after it received the lawsuit in October, at which point Brown’s involvement was discovered.

“As the investigation continued, detectives learned that Brown engaged in excessive and unjustifiable actions during the incident and failed to report the use of force to his supervisors,” the LSP spokesperson wrote.

Attorneys claim Bowman was, “dragged to the ground and beaten senselessly” during his arrest in May of 2019.

“Mr. Bowman sustained multiple lacerations; including, a cut to the top of his head, a fractured arm, and broken ribs amongst other ailments,” the attorneys wrote.

Part of Bowman’s 2019 arrest was captured on home surveillance video, which appears to show Bowman on the ground being arrested as a deputy questions another person watching the entire encounter unfold.

Court records obtained by the 9News Investigators state that during the arrest, a trooper beat Bowman 18 times in 24 seconds using a flashlight while cursing at him.

Bowman’s attorneys say he and the public deserve to see the body camera footage from that night and believe it is crucial to the case.

“That’ll tell the story. That will let us know what really happened that night,” said Banks-Miley.

“Show the public the brutality of Troop F. Release the tapes,” said Haley. “Do not hide behind the fact that it’s an open investigation. Show what they did. Show why it was so bad that he had to hide it for 19 months.

“Bowman’s legal team is calling for trooper Brown be fired immediately as well as any other officer who was involved.

“There were several officers there who said nothing, failed to report and we need reform. Enough is enough,” said Banks-Miley.

Bowman says he just wants justice and hopes what happened to him doesn’t happen to anyone else.

“Don’t nobody deserve to get beat with a flashlight,” said Bowman.