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LSU and Auburn families share the importance of being an organ donor



MONROE, La. – The LSU vs. Auburn game is the biggest rivalry of the season, but for the past 4 years, these two Louisiana and Alabama families are on the same team. The Perry family, who live in Louisiana, lost their son at 6 months old. However, during that tragedy, he saved another child by donating his organs.

“It was actually a very easy decision. In that part of John Clark’s life, there was no reason not to donate. To know that his legacy lives on as a hero. Davis is a part of our family along with the rest of the Boswells, said Jonathan Perry, John Clarke’s father.

In Alabama, Davis Boswell was also 6 months old at the time and was in need of a life-saving transplant.

“It’s not a place you want to be in. It is very hard because you know in order for your child to live and receive that heart, that something tragic has happened to another child,” said Amanda Boswell, Davis’ mother.

While Davis and the rest of his family cheer for Auburn every year, his heart cheers for LSU. Now, the families work together to bring awareness to the importance of organ donations.

“It is very important to register to be an organ donor. One donor can save the life of 8 people and can enhance the life of 5o through tissue donation and give sight to two people,” said Leah Lopez, LOPA community educator.

As of today, Louisiana has more than 2,000 people waiting on a life-saving transplant. Alabama has more than 1,200 and Arkansas has almost 300 people waiting for a transplant. Nation-wide, around 115,000 people are on the waitlist.

“That’s their only hope at that time is a transplant to continue to have that second chance of life,” said Lopez.

LOPA knows death can be a very scary subject, but talking with your family about what you want to do is the first step.

“That’s that last act of a gift that you can give to somebody. Stepping out of your grief and loved one become an organ donor,” said Lopez.

The story of John Clarke Perry and Davis Boswell is one that will beat forever.

“He’s able to do all of the things, for the most part, that a normal little boy would do. Like playing soccer, and going to kindergarten and reaching those milestones,” said Boswell.

There is another competition that will be going on besides the football game. LOPA is having a competition called “Heart of a Tiger” between LSU fans and Auburn fans to see which state can register the most donors.