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Monroe community responds to police chief’s plans for relationship building



MONROE, La. – Some people in Monroe are sharing their thoughts and suggestions for building new relationships with the city’s police department.

Police Chief Vic Zordan mentioned at the city’s press conference on Wednesday that he wants to increase uniformed presence in high crime areas as well as maintain relationships with people in the community.

“I plan to be visible, engaged, accessible to our community, pastors, and other leaders who want to work together to achieve meaningful results,” Zordan said.

Monroe Pastor Vance Price said communication and having these relationships will be vital to helping lower crime and also offering input to the department.

“You can’t do anything without relationships so I think we can build those relationships and those relationships are built by communication,” Price said.

Price is no stranger to helping others. He’s spoken at prayer rallies, vigils, and held events centered around non-violence. He said he hopes this is an opportunity to collaborate with the new administration and move the city in a positive direction. In addition, he agreed MPD should work with faith-based leaders, activists, and families.

“We have access we are reaching out to family members so of those persons that are caught up in those situations are related, connected, the people that we pastor directly and indirectly,” Price said.

Zordan also mentioned concentrating on Parkview Apartments and maintaining a police presence there.

Elijah Brass’ mother lives near the apartment complex. He said he agrees with the plans, and said that residents in Parkview need to be included as much as possible, especially when it comes to offering input.

“Sort of like a debriefing when these situations do occur so that people can be assured that their rights aren’t being violated,” Brass said.

Brass also said that these collaborations shouldn’t be limited to Parkview or one section of the city.

“We should participate. At the same time, we should hold everybody accountable and make sure that the actual ‘how’ is done safely and efficiently,” Brass said

Price also recommends having community meetings and that both the department and people in the city need to be proactive about coming together.

“Think we do it more on a consistent basis and not on an emergency basis or reacting to violence but if we do it as a response, we do it as a plan,” Price said.