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Monroe Mayor, City Council members inaugurated



MONROE, La. – Monroe Mayor Friday Ellis and several Monroe City Council members were inaugurated at the Jack Howard Theatre of the Monroe Civic Center on Tuesday.

Ellis said he had high hopes for the city. He said he hopes for a safe and prosperous city where residents are united in solving problems.

“I have high hopes that there will no longer be a North or South Monroe. Let’s no longer be a tale of two cities,” he said.

He said he wants to make that happen by inviting people to the table to gain perspective.

“Before the relationship is built, it’s really hard to unpack the large things that we face as a community.”

He also wants to work on developing the riverfront and figuring out how the city can help small businesses.

Ellis said nothing can be scripted for 2020, but he’s confident we’ll make it through.

“But I just know, if we face it with proper leadership and understanding and a clear communication between our residents, I think we can get past it.”

He’s asking people to join him in fighting for the city, and for a better future.

“I believe our city is worth fighting for. I believe you are worth fighting for, and I will stand with you, behind you, and beside you in tackling every challenge and celebrating each one of our victories.”

Doug Harvey was inaugurated as City Councilman for District 1 after serving as interim.

Gretchen Ezernack and Juanita Woods were inaugurated after being re-elected into districts 2 and 3 respectively.

Kema Dawson was inaugurated as Councilwoman for District 5.

The District 4 race ended in a runoff between Carday Marshall Sr. and Jesse Smith. It will be decided August 15th.