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Monroe Police investigate a shooting on Thomas Avenue



MONROE, La. — Monroe Police announce they have arrested two adults and four juveniles in connection to a carjacking and execution style murder.

According to the arrest affidavit, Monroe Police were called to a homicide investigation on Thomas Avenue.

When officers arrived on the scene, they were able to speak with a male victim who said he and his friend were on south Grand Street when they were stopped by a man on the side of the road. The victim told police that individual asked for a lighter.

At the scene, Officers located a 68-year old victim who had been shot. The victim died at the scene from his wounds. Six suspects, identified below, have now been arrested for multiple charges in connection with the shooting and events leading up to the shooting.

The victim said they gave the guy a lighter and another person showed up with a gun and ordered them to hand over everything they had. One victim said he only had a dollar, but offered his truck. Two more suspects showed up at this time and both victims were ordered to let them all get in the truck.

The suspects drove the victims out to a secluded place on Thomas Avenue. The victim told police that they were ordered to get out of their truck and they were walked at gunpoint. One victim said he knew or he could sense something bad was about to happen to he ran away and called police.

When police made it to the scene they found one victim had been shot and killed. Police issued a BOLO for the victim’s white Ford F-150. Police did catch up to the suspects and they were caught after a short chase.

Police say they also saw a female get out of the truck. Officers say they caught up to the juvenile girl and she admitted to them that she was aware of the homicide and gave police the names of the people involved. The girl named Anthony Fletcher, Demetrick Jones, and three other juveniles as participants in the murder and car theft.

Police say the girl says she was picked up in West Monroe in the truck and taken to her brother, where the people mentioned above were talking about killing a man; how they shot a man in the back and the head. The girl told police they told her all about how they killed the man on Thomas Avenue. She even let the police see her text messages from the night the man was killed.

Police say Jones admitted that he and his friends were walking down South Grand Street when Nichols said, “Let’s hit a lick.” Jones says he, two juveniles, and Fletcher were all present at the time of the carjacking and robbery. Jones says one juvenile was the one who asked for the lighter and another juvenile pointed the handgun at the victims. Jones tells police he heard the second juvenile say, “We’re going to kill them.”

Jones says he did not get into the stolen truck with the others. The other suspects forced both victims into the truck and left the scene. Jones tells police his friends all went back to a house on Florida Street in the stolen truck. The victims were not in the truck and according to Jones, Fletcher said he “caught a body” and the other victim got away.

Police also spoke with one juvenile and he was able to confirm Jones’ version of events, plus add information about what happened at the Thomas Avenue location. According to police, the juvenile says when the one victim got away, the other juvenile began to shoot at the victim who was running away. The juvenile also told police it was Fletcher who beat the deceased victim with the gun. After being hit with the gun, the victim fell to the ground and Fletcher shot the victim execution style. After that happened, the juvenile says they all got in the truck and he was in the truck when police tried to stop them. He also told the police that the gun was hidden in a tire in the bed of the stolen truck. Police were able to recover the gun.

Anthony Fletcher has been charged with First Degree Murder, Attempted First Degree Murder, Second Degree Kidnapping and Car Jacking. He is being held at Ouachita Correctional Center without bond.

Detectives were able to secure witness statements and locate physical evidence that led to the identification and arrest of the following six suspects:

Demetrick Jones has been charged with Carjacking and is being held at Ouachita Correctional Center without bond.

The three juveniles were arrested for First Degree Murder, Attempted First Degree Murder, Second Degree Kidnapping, and Carjacking. One juvenile was arrested for Carjacking

Identifying information for all juveniles involved has been withheld due to their age.