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New air handlers at L.D.C.C sanitize air using U.V. Light



MONROE, La. – This system on the L.D.C.C. Monroe campus is 1 of 7 bringing sanitized air to all campuses across the state of Louisiana. The way that is does it does not use traditional filters.

“They bring air from out of the classrooms and common areas, and that air comes through this air handler, comes through a set of filters, through an air conditioning coil, and then it hits these U.V.C. lights” says Randy Wilkerson, Director of Facilities at Louisiana Delta Community College.

This kills nearly every airborne pathogen from bacteria, to viruses, to even pollen The system is capable of producing 200,000 cubic feet per minute of air for the entire building.

“That’s roughly at 14 air exchanges a day” Wilkerson said.

The technology itself is commonly used in hospitals and operating rooms… but has seen a spike in popularity due to COVID. Now, the nearly $100,000 worth of equipment is now in the classroom setting thanks to funding from the C.A.R.E.S. act.

“So it is not a cheap solution, but it’s worth it, every single penny. people had to report whether they were feeling ill, they had to wear their own mask, we had to put plexi glass up or clean and sanitize the stations. This is something that is done ” says Dr. Scott Rule, Chancellor of Louisiana Delta Community College.

L.D.C.C. is the only educational system that has something like this in place, and they’ve been talking to other educational systems too, to hopefully protect more students and faculty. They will continue their COVID fight alongside other colleges like U.L.M., as they are gearing up to help with vaccine distribution. There is no official word when they will begin this process.