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Ochsner teams up with Louisiana Fish Fry for a large crawfish boil to honor front line workers



BATON ROUGE, La. – Healthcare workers were in for a treat at Ochsner Baton Rouge Thursday.

A special delivery from Louisiana Fish Fry Products was sent there to help bring a bit of normalcy back into the lives of those on the front line of the pandemic.

“My hope is that when people walk back into the office they’ll feel a little more normal and a little more at peace,” said Caroline Gray, marketing director for Louisiana Fish Fry.

The company teamed up with Ochsner to bring 3,000 pounds of hot crawfish as a way to say thank you to health care workers.

“It is fantastic that people are still thinking about us while we’re out there and out in the trenches working. It means so much to my staff.” said Tammy Dickerson, Ochsner’s ICU nursing Director.

The large crawfish boil came just in time for Good Friday. Front line workers were able to gather right outside their workplace to enjoy their meal.

Ochsner officials say events like these are made possible because of the vaccine roll out.

“The majority of our staff are vaccinated which is fantastic,” said Lena Hooper, Ochsner’s ER manager.

Ochsner officials expressed gratitude for the southern hospitality. They say crawfish was served to about 680 health care workers.