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True Blue LA is testing out a new live game chat for Tuesday’s game



MONROE, La. – Happy Saturday, everyone. We wanted to share with you an exciting and brand new feature that will be coming to TBLA this Tuesday for the Dodgers’ game against the Rockies.

Instead of the usual game threads, there will be a brand new live chat that will replace it. This will go live 10 minutes prior to first pitch, so 7:00 p.m. PT. It will essentially be the same as the old game thread you’re used to, but think of this more like a live chat you see during Youtube and Facebook videos that are live.

Participants may be asked to confirm their email, but there should be no additional signup or registration required to join the chat, so you won’t have to worry about it being a hassle. This is something SBNation will be trying out, so it isn’t a finished product quite yet.

There will be a survey for you all to give feedback and be involved in helping the product team develop new features as this features tries to be expanded.

It’s worth noting that this is JUST FOR TUESDAY. This isn’t a permanent change, it’s just something that will be tested. If all goes well and the feedback is positive, it’s something that will likely be returning in the future.

Having gone through the testing, I can say that this new feature is a lot of fun and definitely helps enhance the experience of talking with other fans during a live sporting event.