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Poll: Nearly two-thirds of Louisiana voters want marijuana legalized



LOUISIANA — Medical marijuana is available in Louisiana, but now more than two-thirds of Louisiana voters say that’s not enough. They want recreational cannabis legalized, too.

A new JMC Analytics poll for the Louisiana Association for Therapeutic Alternatives shows the rising interest. A total of 67% favor overall legalization in the state — 13% more than last year.

“Given that it’s only relatively recently that you’ve had a full-scale deployment of medicinal marijuana, I think that facilitates this change in attitude,” pollster John Couvillon said.

State representatives will have at least one marijuana bill to debate this spring. New Orleans Democrat Candace Newell wants to decriminalize its possession and sale. But the state would still have to greenlight a sales tax and other regulations.

Other states are making moves as well. New York lawmakers struck a deal over the weekend that would legalize marijuana to people 21 and older.

Louisiana lawmakers start their annual legislative session April 12.