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St. Francis asking for donations for masks, gloves



MONROE, La. – St. Francis says they have a shortage of masks and gloves, and they’re asking for donations.

Earlier today, local orthodontist Dr. Kevin Williams donated gloves to the medical center. St. Francis Foundation President Aimee Kane is asking any other orthodontist, dentist, or anyone else in a profession that gives them access to these supplies to donate as well.

Kane said thinks the shortage is due to a combination of both hospitals preparing, as well as people at home buying their own. She asked that anyone who has been purchasing these items to consider healthcare providers when making the purchase.

“I would just ask them to be conscientious of thinking of healthcare providers and those who are ill. Be conscientious of them being in need first,” she said.

Jonathon Lee, the owner of Midsouth Medical, agreed that people should let hospitals to have access to these supplies first. He said they’re completely out of masks, and they’re limiting sales of boxes of gloves and disinfectant sprays to two each per individual. Lee said this doesn’t apply to businesses.

He said he recommends keeping both disinfectant spray and wipes on hand to help avoid getting sick.