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Who Dat Nation Facebook group provides meals for St. Francis workers



MONROE, La. – Members of the Who Dat Nation Facebook group provided meals for workers at St. Francis on Friday.

The “Lunch for Heroes” was provided by the group with help from Monroe radio station Rock 106.

Administrators Stephanie Williams and Karen McKoin said the meals were paid for by members of the group through raffle tickets for Saints items.

When asked why they felt it was so important to support these workers, Williams said:

“They’re doing all the heavy lifting right now and, you know, to me, community, we’re better together. So whatever you can do to make a difference during this tough time. This is the least we can do. There’s tons of people that ask us every day, ‘Hey, how can I help?’ And they don’t know how to do it individually, so being a part of a group like this makes it easier for everybody to make a contribution and help those who need it.”

With additional funding from, Rock 106, they also provided meals to Oschner LSU Health and the Cornerstone Hospital in West Monroe.

The group said they will have additional events coming up in the future. To get involved, you can visit the group’s