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Wossman High to acquire its own health clinic



MONROE, LA – Wossman High Scholl will receive a community health clinic, which will also be a classroom for the students who would like to learn more about medicine. The board approved the final plan, and they will advertise for bids the following week.

As superintendent Dr. Brent Vidrine said, the cost of the clinic will be around 2 million dollars.

“It’s a clinic, a health care center, and so we have the lobby area, the reception area, you come back through and this is where the patients will check in,” said the designer with Architecture Plus, Dustin Gibbs.

The clinic will take place within Wossman High School’s old field house. The plan is to have six exam rooms and one classroom to train students and prepare them for further medical education.

Vidrine said ideally they would have the bids approved by March and build the clinic by late August.

“We have a lot of students that come into schools with a myriad of problems, and a lot of times they don’t have anyone to take care of things at home, so kids actually come to school sick,” said Watson. “We have to have a place where we can show them where they need to be, what can be done to benefit them and put them in a place where they’ll be healthy and that’s the main objective is to have a healthy kid because if the kids are healthy, then they’re ready to learn.”

The CEO and President of Primary Health Services Center, Catherine Tonore, said in addition to having a health care provider on-site, they will also have a therapist.

“Students are depressed and have a lot of anxiety, and we’re able to expand that into the school also with a therapist there every day,” said Tonore.

The health clinic will be available for students, staff, and faculty in the Monroe City School District.