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Zoo receives $10,000 donation from local doctor for new Budgie exhibit



MONROE, La.– Only on NBC 10, The Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo has big news.
Visitors can expect to see hundreds of new birds and a new exhibit. The zoo received a $10,000 check from Dr. Jeb Andrews, who is the CEO of Clinical Trials of America in Monroe. This check will go towards the materials and labor of a new Budgie enclosure. The Budgie exhibit will be interactive and allow visitors to feed the birds and let them land on you.

“I grew up in this town. Going to the zoo was a big deal, I have very fun memories of that. As we know, there has been a lot of deterioration because there hadn’t been money and things to keep the zoo up. Tom and his staff and the Zoological Society are dedicated to improving things and we wanted to be a part of that,” said Dr. Jeb Andrews, CEO of Clinical Trials of America.

The zoo is asking for your help to fill the exhibit with the Budgies. You can buy a Budgie for $5 by going to the zoo’s Facebook page or at the box office at the zoo. Officials say they are looking to have around 400 budgies in the exhibit.