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Candidates for Monroe’s City Marshals race participate in forum



MONROE, La. – Election Day is less than two weeks away, and voters got a chance Saturday to learn more about the candidates in Monroe’s City Marshal race.

The Ouachita Parish Chapter of the NAACP hosted and moderated a public forum that featured 4 of the 5 candidates.

Each person had the chance to share their thoughts and opinions on issues affecting people here in Monroe.

Candidate Arthur Eleam (D) addressed how he would build a better relationship between MPD and improve community policing.

“The young people do not know, or have a bad idea of law enforcement because of what they see on TV. We have to get back in the community, get involved, and be visible and active,” Eleam said.

The next question involved their thoughts about training and other improvements within the Marshall’s office.

“In 2014 when I sold my business and became a licensed financial planner, I had to go back to school. I plan do the same here. I’m not going to ask any deputy to do any training that I’m not going to do,” Lyle Miller (I) said.

Candidates were then asked about upgrades, such as new cars, more officers and new tech. Robert Cherry, Jr. (D) says this is necessary to ensure a safe and efficient work environment.

“We need better units and better cars. When we go out of town to pick up prisoners, we need a vehicle when we go to pick up a prisoner to make sure that deputy is safe,” Cherry, Jr. said.

One of the final questions asked how they would handle evictions in the midst of COVID-19. Each candidate stressed that they would help each person no matter the circumstance.

“I have gone to a motel or hotel and told them I have a family that has been evicted, can you help me out? There are ways of helping people, we just don’t publicize it. I can guarantee you that every Marshall out there has helped someone that has been evicted,” Reese Londor, Jr. (D) said.