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Local politician, political expert and political professor react to the outcome of the Presidential race



MONROE, La. – The shadow of anticipation cast on Election Day finally lifted Saturday as Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris gained enough electoral votes to win the race for the White House.

University of Louisiana Monroe (ULM) political science professor Dr. Joshua Stockley said history was made more than once during this race.

“Over 74 million votes. Joseph Biden has received more votes in American history than any other elected official. And I don’t want to take anything away from President Donald Trump. Donald Trump has over 70 million votes. These are the first two candidates for the presidency to ever secure over 70 million votes,” Dr. Stockley explained.

A long time coming for State Senator Katrina Jackson.

“For a woman, an African-American woman to be vice president-elect is very telling for where we are in society. For women everywhere that you’re finally seeing the glass ceiling being broken,” shared Senator Jackson.

Jackson is optimistic about what the new election cycle means for Northeast Louisiana.

“We need an economic boost in this area like never before. So when you look at that, i believe this election gives us more of a seat at the table with those who have broader ideas,” Senator Jackson said.

Political expert Paul Hurd said one thing looms over America’s head.

“This thing could be changed if legal votes do not include mail-in ballots that were not present at the precinct at the end of voting on Tuesday night. That’s really the monster issue that remains in this election and that’s going to determine, finally, who is our president elect,” Hurd advised.

Stockley said no matter who you voted for.

“I think this election demonstrates the beauty of American democracy.”