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City councilman donates $1,000 to help those impacted by COVID-19 and Easter Sunday’s tornado



MONROE, La. – Councilman Kenneth Wilson City of Monroe Council District 4 donated $1,000 dollars to the Ouachita Parish Community Action Program. OMCAP is an anti-poverty agency on behalf of federal, state, and local governments, to provide assistance to those in Ouachita parish.

Wilson’s donation will be used to help those financially affected in the COVID-19 and Easter Sunday’s tornado. Councilman Wilson says he personally challenges anyone willing to match his donation.

“Just seeing what they do, utility assistance, rent assistance, food assistance, and right now with COVID-19 and the tornado, certainly I think this thousand dollars will be used in either of those areas,” Wilson said. “I’m asking all my colleges all my councilmen and the mayor and other non-profits throughout the city of Monroe to donate.”