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DOTD Says Get Ready for More Potholes in Louisiana!



LOUISIANA – Just when you thought the roads in Shreveport / Bossier City couldn’t get any worse…

I think we can all agree that our roads suck.  That’s no slight against the men and women who work tirelessly to maintain the ones that we have – but our vehicles need a front-end alignment more often than we need to go to the dentist!  We have some monster, and I mean possible record-holding potholes in this city.  The latest from the Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) is we’re about to get a whole lot more!

Thanks to the winter storm we experienced around the middle of last month, and the storms experts think we are going to get this spring – we are on track for a slew of new potholes!  Just think – your drive down I-20 or I-220 could actually be rougher in the very near future!

The best part is: The snow and ice only slightly accelerated the deterioration already in progress on our most travelled roads!  Sure, the moisture seeped into tiny cracks in our roadways then expanded with the freezing temperatures to bust open even more cracks – but according to KLFY we were still going to get enough inclement weather to make more potholes!

So, there you have it – more and bigger potholes for the SBC for 2021!  If you see a new or particularly massive new divot in the concrete or asphalt you drive on, you can report it to [email protected].  I have no doubt they will get to fixing it right away.