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Find out what phase you can get the COVD-19 Vaccine



MONROE, La.– Affinity Healthcare Group announced today that their workers are in the process of being vaccinated from facilities currently offering the vaccine. However, you may be wondering when you can get the vaccine yourself.

Affinity Health Group has been approved to offer the covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available to the general public. But before the public can get the vaccine, phase 1A, phase 1B, and Phase 1C of the vaccine has to be complete.

“We’re starting off with phase 1A, that is what we are currently in. The vaccine is being administered to healthcare workers, front line workers, basically anyone who works directly with covid patients. This includes ambulance workers, EMT’s, nurses, doctors, and long term care facilities,” said Allison Nunnelee, Spokesperson for Affinity Healthcare Group.

As of now, healthcare workers are receiving the Pfizer Vaccine. This includes 2 doses, the first one starts building protection against covid, and the second dose is given after 21 days to complete the vaccine.

“In phase 1B, the vaccine will be distributed to essential workers. This includes teachers, utility workers, police officers, firefighters, and other health care facilities. Basically, anyone who can’t do their job from home,” said Nunnelee.

Finally, the last step of phase 1 will include those most at risk.

“In phase 1C, the vaccine will be administrated to people with high-risk medical conditions and people over the age of 65,” said Nunnelee.

Phase 2 will begin as a higher volume of doses become available. This phase will also be for priority groups and it could be March or later until the state moves into phase 2.

According to the LDH, phase 3 is for young adults and children. Phase 4 is for everyone who did not get access to the vaccine in previous phases.

“That is why it is so important to wash your hands and social distance and continue to wear your mask,” said Nunnelee.

Affinity Clinics are in the process of getting shipments of the vaccine. Health officials say there will be no out of pocket cost for the vaccine. It will be covered by insurance companies and the federal government.