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Friday Ellis announces Eugene Ellis as Interim Chief of Police for Monroe Police Department



MONROE, La. — He worked as a part of the Monroe Police Department for over three decades, he retired, and now he’s back.

Eugene Ellis has been appointed as the Interim Police Chief for at least the next three months.

“I have friends that work for MPD and they liked him, and I know that any decision that Friday Ellis makes, is the best one,” said Monroe resident Leslie Larsen.

This move follows several other employment changes for the city, from resignations to removals.

Some residents say Mayor Friday Ellis needs to leave city hall and head to the neighborhood.

“The mayor should be out here in the community a little bit better. He should be socializing with the people. You the mayor, if you want to say you want to run a city and you want to be the man to stand up for the city, talk for the city, why you ain’t out here in the hood with the city,” said Ricky Jackson.

Eugene Ellis replaces Reggie Brown August 1, who has been serving in the role since Ellis’ retirement back in January.

“There’s been a divide in this town for a very long time and he’s trying to pull it together,” said Larsen.

The mayor sent out this statement that reads in part: “On behalf of the city, we would like to thank Reggie Brown for his service as interim chief…Ellis is stepping in at an important time as we continue our process and search for a permanent chief of police.”

“The problem is, they didn’t have enough money to have enough policemen for the crime of Monroe. They’re doing the best they can,” said Larsen.

Jackson also responded saying, “With all this funding and money and grants you be getting, show us that you’re doing something with it. That’s all we want to see.”

At this time it’s unclear when an official police chief will be named and why the mayor decided to make the change.

Reggie Brown is still one of three people who took the police chief exam last Thursday alongside Charles johnson, and Thomas Rhodes.

While the mayor has the authority to appoint a chief of police at any time, the position does have to be approved by the city council.