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Monroe’s newest leadership holds first city council meeting



MONROE, La. – Monroe’s newest leadership held their first city council meeting Tuesday since taking office earlier this month.

Mayor Friday Ellis described his initial emotions.

“I’m not going to lie, I was nervous for this first council meeting because this is my first official council meeting but you know this is good. This is the work we’re here to do. We’re here to talk to our citizens, listen to our citizens, listen to the concerns and that’s what we did tonight,” said Ellis.

It was a new experience for the Ellis administration, including newly elected councilwoman Kema Dawson.

“Just meeting with Mayor Ellis on the projects that are about to happen, the things that he wants to have done, the things I want done in District 5, we actually have a plan. We’re getting ready to start moving, hit the ground running and getting stuff done,” said Dawson.

The new changes don’t stop there.

Ellis says they are currently in the process of hiring a new executive assistant, public relations and public affairs directors. The previous people who held these positions either resigned or were relieved of their duties.

“We’re looking forward to putting our team together and working with the community. They’re already people stepping up right now who are in the community ready to go. We have some great applicants and we’re ready to work with them,” said Ellis.

 It’s a new adjustment, but Ellis says everyone is up for the task.

“There’s an energy and there’s an excitement right now in the community. We want to keep that going because with momentum there’s not too many things that can get in your way so it’s good,” said Ellis.