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‘In the Same Manner 21 Days Later?’: Lawsuit Claims Deputies, State Troopers Beat Black Louisiana Man Weeks After Troopers from Same Unit Beat Another Black Man to Death



MONROE, La. – Louisiana state troopers and sheriff’s deputies dragged a Black man out of his car and beat him viciously during a May 2019 traffic stop in the man’s driveway.

A swarm of officers punched and kicked Aaron Bowman outside his Monroe, Louisiana, home. And one state trooper beat him over the head with a flashlight 18 times in 24 seconds.

“When I turned in my yard, I opened the door,” Bowman said during a press conference last month. “Before I could get out the car and put it in park, they snatched me out the car. When he snatched me out by my arm, he threw me to the ground and told me to “Shut up!”

Now, in a federal lawsuit alleging excessive force, Bowman cites damages to him as: assault and battery, infliction of mental and emotional distress, outrageous conduct, and false charges that deputies filed against him days after the beating.