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Local animal welfare organization loses transport bus



MONROE, La. – The Delta Humane Society of Louisiana recently lost their transport bus in a wreck.

The non-profit animal welfare organization is centered around moving dogs to rescue partners with more resources and available adoptive families. On average, the transport trips take 40 to 50 dogs with two to three drivers. The organization has traveled to take dogs to states in the Northeast, Utah and California.

This month on a transport trip, the bus began to have electrical problems. When the driver tried to move off the road, the bus was struck by another vehicle. The crash caused major damage to the transport bus, and it was not able to be used again.

Casey Lattimer, president of the organization, says they are struggling to visualize how to go forward without the transport bus.

“We have used that vehicle from the time we got it. I think June of 2016,” Lattimer said. “We’ve transported thousands of animals but not only that. We’ve done hurricane rescue. We’ve moved animals. Evacuated.”

The transport bus is a vital piece to the Delta Humane Society of Louisiana. They have had the vehicle for 4.5 years and put almost 200,000 miles on it.

“This bus is invaluable to us. We’ve probably tripled the number of animals we’ve been able to save since we got our bus,” Lattimer said.

They also have used the transport bus to help out in hurricane evacuations and emergency food distribution during natural disasters. The organization has made many trips to south Louisiana and Houston over the last four years.