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Shoppers share tips for last minute holiday buying



MONROE, La. – Some people shop ahead of time, and others take the last minute approach. With Christmas closing in, everyone is out and about looking for final gifts. Stores are still open, and shoppers are leaving with their hands full.

In Monroe, there were a lot of shoppers this Christmas Eve. At Pecanland Mall, shoppers told us their tips for last minute shopping.

“Make sure you have a list,” Paige Jowers said. “Make sure you have a list, and then try to coordinate your routes because there’s a lot of crazy drivers on the road right now. Everything is packed.”

“OK. Make it simple,” Terri Young said. “They say always make it simple. KISS. Keep it simple, simple.”

“Guys, go ahead and get it done while you can because it’s probably going to get a lot crazier later,” Chris Lewis said.

Overall, shoppers say it’s very important to have a game plan when shopping last minute.