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Local political science professors react to chaos on Capitol Hill



MONROE, La. – The chaos on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Jan. 6, will go down as one of the most significant events in American History.

President Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol Building to protest the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College win.

Dr. Quentin Holmes, Sr. is an assistant political science professor at Grambling State University. He called the event unprecedented.

“It’s the worst act in terms of political, in the political arena in this country in over 200 years,” Dr. Holmes said.

Dr. Holmes said President Trump’s continued claims of election fraud was the catalyst that led to Wednesday’s riot.

“The President in this case bears a lot, if not all of the responsibility of what happened in my opinion,” Dr. Holmes said.

As of Thursday, there were new calls to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove President Trump from office. The amendment allows the government to remove a president who unable to fulfill their role. Dr. Holmes explained why he would be against the idea.

“Even though as bad as this was, everyone is entitled to a fair and due process. So if you’re trying to start a 25th amendment, or for that matter an impeachment in only 13 days, there’s no way President Trump can get a fair process to either one or the other in a 13 day period,” Dr. Holmes said.

So how do we move forward? Dr. Holmes said the responsibility lies with our lawmakers and us at home.

“I think what we all need to do is take a step back and make decisions without being emotional. Our legislatures should also make laws to prevent this from happening again. They need to make sure no matter who is peacefully protesting that the standards are all the same, and that there’s no standards between different groups,” said Dr. Holmes.