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Louisiana’s Global Wildlife Center Wants Your Help Naming Adorable Baby Giraffe



MONROE, La. – Global Wildlife Center has announced the birth of an adorable new little baby giraffe named…well, that’s where you come in.

Located in Folsom, La, The Global Wildlife Center is “the only place in Louisiana where you can get eye to eye with giraffes, feel the woolly fur of bison, or wiggle a camel’s hump” according their Facebook page.

The sprawling 900 acre features 12 ponds and lakes and is home to a whopping 1,000 exotic, endangered, and threatened animals from all over the globe.

Actually, I guess it’s now 1,001 animals with the birth of the new baby giraffe.

Right now the Global Wildlife Center is letting people vote on names for the newborn giraffe. The list has been whittled down to three names;

1. Mia
2. Magnolia
3. Maybel

Congratulations to mama giraffe Maci!