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New Life Disaster Relief volunteers are ready to help Louisiana



MONROE, La. – The inclement weather has postponed a disaster relief trip by New Life Disaster Relief volunteers to help out our tornado-stricken neighbors in Palmetto, Louisiana.

The mission is still on and the slight delay may even be a blessing in disguise.

Storm victims in Palmetto, Louisiana are still picking up the pieces less than a week after a tornado packing 140 mile per hour winds ripped through their community about 60 miles northwest of Baton Rouge, leaving one person dead, seven injured, and dozens homeless.

Then, a double whammy with Thursday’s severe weather that also passed through South Mississippi. New Life Disaster Relief Director Ken Wetzel said, “A lot of people received tarps, but did not know how to install them properly, and with the continued weather we have all experienced, the tarps have been blown off, and their homes are being inundated with rain.”

Since 2005, this group of South Mississippi volunteers have made hundreds of disaster relief runs. They had planned to leave Friday morning to help tornado victims in Louisiana, but the weather has stalled those plans in what could be a blessing in disguise as they collect donations to take to storm victims. “We’re accepting supplies, cleaning supplies, hygiene products, so on and so forth, and in addition to that we are accepting monetary donations.”

They’re also looking for volunteers, hands on deck, to help with Monday’s mission. Volunteer Anthony Pendowksi is already on board wherever he’s needed. “I haven’t been on a tarping job yet, but I plan to help as soon as I get there.”

There’s already been an outpouring of support from the local community. “I’d really like to thank Biloxi Cedar Lake Home Depot. They donated some furring strips and some tarps, and Ocean Springs Lumber has also been so kind and compassionate as to help us to donate some furring strips with our tarping efforts.”

If you’d like to help out just go to their website at