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Mixed opinions shared following Monroe City School’s decision to change the name of Lee Junior High School



MONROE, La. – The Monroe City School Board recently decided to change the name of Lee Junior High School.

This comes following complaints of Lee’s role as a general for the Confederacy and as a slave owner.

Different people shared their perspectives, some saying the change is well overdue.

“This is new times and we need to do away with all of that negativity and keep on moving forward,” said James Cogdell who was in favor of the Board’s decision.

Others said that it should be left alone.

“I grew up admiring Robert E Lee and so I don’t see the need of doing that, but on the other end I can see the rationale of the black community of how they may look at it,” said Philip McCrary who was not in favor of the decision.

A ten-person committee will be formed to discuss potential names. It will school board members, faculty, students and parents.

From there, two community meetings will be held to consider public input.

“Hopefully this new name that comes forward will be one that the community can embrace and be happy with,” said District One board member Rick Saulsberry.

Saulsberry said the superintendent will then create a timetable for the change and suggestions will be presented at the August 4 school board meeting.