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Monroe business maintaining mitigation measures amid Phase 3 delay



MONROE, La. – Governor John Bel Edwards said he has decided not to allow Louisiana to enter into the less-restrictive Phase 3 of reopening the economy.

The governor’s decision comes after a concerning uptick in coronavirus cases in certain parts of the state. The current Phase 2 restrictions were set to expire Friday, June 26, however, Edwards announced the state will remain in Phase 2 for another 28 days. The governor made the announcement during a news conference Monday.

As of Monday, LDH says people between the ages of 18 and 29 have more positive COVID-19 tests than any other age group.

“It’s also very clear to me that if we were doing a better job as a state collectively adhering to those mitigation measures we would not be seeing the case growth that we’re seeing today,” Governor Edwards said.

The governor also addressed the recent rise in cases from some bars and high school graduation parties in some regions.

Here in Monroe, Flying Tiger brewery co-owner Robert Brewer said he and his staff are not taking the mitigation measures lightly. That means reminding guests of social distancing and hygiene practices.

“We’re not hosting special events we don’t have a food truck right now we’re not doing things to encourage people to gather in a line or to gather in a crowd,” Brewer said.

Staff members are routinely cleaning guest spaces and also providing sanitizer stations for guests to use. In addition, they are only using disposable plastic cups instead of glass to prevent the spread of germs.

Brewer wants to remind everyone even outside of bars that they have a personal responsibility in staying healthy and not spreading germs.

“Make sure you’re washing your hands and using sanitizer regularly just to keep yourself safe and just to protect others cause you never know what you’ve come in contact with,” Brewer said.

Governor Edwards also stressed the importance of continuing to wear a mask outside the home and practicing social distancing.