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Monroe Fire Department Hands EMS Response To Acadian Ambulance During Virus Outbreak



MONROE, La. – Due to COVID-19 concerns Monroe Fire Department Chief Terry Williams said the Monroe Fire Department will cease responding to EMS calls. Chief Williams said he made the decision after consulting with EMS personnel and the senior MFD staff. The announcement was made at the Mayor’s weekly press briefing.

Williams said, “This has been a very difficult decision for me, a decision that I really wrestled with.” The chief said the firefighters go from house to house and don’t have the proper protective equipment to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and are risking exposure to employees and the public.

The department will still respond to fire related calls, technical rescues, and auto accidents.

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Chief Williams praised Acadian Ambulance Service and said they have the proper equipment to handle the current situation. The chief says Acadian will take over EMS calls until the situation changes.